Smarter Software for the
Custom Manufacturer

Does your business need more functionality than outdated,
manual databases and spreadsheets?
Switch to KeyedIn Manufacturing - smarter software  

Developed specifically for the small to mid-sized manufacturer, KeyedIn Manufacturing is a fully web-based (Cloud) business management software application that can help you take charge of your business—from estimating and production to scheduling and shop floor data collection. With a low monthly cost, no hardware needed and the ability to access the software any time, on any device, implementation is as easy as the flick of a switch!
KeyedIn Manufacturing can help you take control of your:
  • Quoting and estimating
  • Sales order processing
  • Work orders and shop floor production
  • Accounting - integrates with your current accounting system for great visibility into your data
Our Cloud based solution, KeyedIn Manufacturing, helps you take control today:
  • Switch it on - Skip the pain of installing a painful on-premise system
  • Instant access - Buy it today, use it tomorrow
  • Built for manufacturers - No custom modifications needed
  • Accessible in Real Time - Information anywhere, at any time
Once you take control with KeyedIn Manufacturing,
your business will:
  • Lower operating costs
  • Have greater visibility into your organization
  • Improve productivity
  • Speed up your quoting process
About KeyedIn Solutions

KeyedIn Solutions is a fast-growing organization providing web-based or SaaS solutions (Cloud) for custom manufacturers. And because we operate on a true SaaS model, our solutions can be implemented fast and cost effectively to help you realize a quick return on investment.
Switch to KeyedIn Manufacturing today
— Kevin MacDonald, Atlas Sign & Awning
— John Hipple, President, Manufacturer, Joplin, MO
Here’s what our customers have to say about The Cloud:
"When we stated with KeyedIn we had six employees and we really knew we were planning for growth and that is one reason why we focused on this software solution, so we could not only add employees, but also grow our geographical areas. We could add offices and salespeople and they could all still work with this one solution and they wouldn't necessarily have to be at our corporate office."
"I was kind of reluctant when I first heard about the cloud software, but after having it it's fantastic. I can access it anywhere, My staff can access it anywhere. I can go to a client's office and be able to provide them information that I couldn't with our old system. "
Corporate Headquarters
KeyedIn Solutions, Inc.
5001 American Blvd West
Suite 1010
Minneapolis, MN 55437
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